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“The Duke of Edinburgh's Award provides an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development for young people, which is of the highest quality and the widest reach.”

The aim is to help teenagers to become more motivated, disciplined and balanced. The skills delivered are  highly respected and valued by all universities and employers and continue to reward the individual long into their lives. The DofE Awards of Bronze, Silver and Gold can underpin progression in academic excellence.
The scheme began in the UK in 1956 and has since spread to over 120 countries, because both the philosophy and the four-section format have proved resilient, attractive and adaptable to many cultures, languages and climates. Over 225,000 young people in the UK are now participating.

DofE is often just known for the expedition side but it also has three other sections -Skill or Hobby, Service to the community or Volunteering and Physical Recreation or Sport - which all have to be completed to attain the award.


At Thorpe House School we offer Bronze for 14 year-old boys and Silver for 15-year old boys. They need to complete the award (especially the expedition) in groups of four minimum.The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a voluntary, non-competitive and flexible programme of cultural and adventurous activities for all young people, whatever their background or ability.

dofe canoeing

All Year 10 boys are strongly encouraged to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme at Bronze level. Weekday or weekend activities comprise of training and workshop sessions, ranging from leadership training and learning about how to survive outdoors, to first aid. Year 11 boys may do canoeing for their expedition.
- Any team or individual sport may count towards the physical recreation award level and be assessed by Sports teachers.
-  Properly run Hobbies or Skills clubs including learning a musical instrument may count towards the skillmus award level.
-  The boys may provide a Service to the community which would count towards the volunteering section.
-  The expedition part of the award is run by Dynamic Adventures, www.dynamicadventures.co.uk
Pupils will need to have suitable basic equipment their own sleeping bags, boots or sturdy trainers, spare socks and suitable clothes for walking in. The school could supply tents, cookers, maps, compasses, rucksacks and waterproof clothing.
Time commitment
There are various expedition dates listed which may be different to the calendar with the participants staying overnight during a weekend in May and a weekend in June. In addition to this on average a participant has to commit one hour per week to the other three sections being Skill Service and Physical Recreation. The majority of the boys at Thorpe House already commit that time anyway. They have to regularly attend and show progression over a DofE monitored period of not less than approximately three months for Bronze and six months for Silver.

Any other queries please refer to www.theaward.org or email ntomlinson@thorpehouse.co.uk

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