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School Meals

All boys at Thorpe House have school lunch provided for them at no extra charge. There is a cafeteria set up on the main site which on a daily basis provides a choice of:

  • the main meal,
  • the vegetarian main meal
  • Pasta & Sauce, Baked potato & filling or baguettes
  • Salad

There is also fresh fruit and yogurt on a daily basis and a hot pudding at least twice a week.

serving hatch

The catering is an 'in-house' operation and so we have complete control over what  is offered. Our first-class Head Chef, ensure that the choices are  are not only popular, but also healthy and nutritious.   

The Pre-Prep boys come up to the main site for their lunch but the menu at for them is simpler, as is appropriate for younger children.

The Pre-Prep boys eat their lunch form 11.45. The Juniors eat their lunch from 12.25 and then the Senior school come for their sitting at 12.55 pm.  During the sittings for Junior and Senior School the year groups are on a rota system so that they do not always come in first or last to their respective sitting.

Should parents find it helpful to know the availabe choices on offer so that their child does not get the same meal when he gets home at night, the menus can be accessed via the link below.

  1. Menu Week 1 Autumn 2014
  2. Menu Week 2 Autumn 2014
  3. Menu Week 3 Autumn 2014
  4. Menu Week 4 Autumn 2014
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