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The History of Thorpe House 

Thorpe House has been educating boys in the Gerrards Cross area since 1923. It started life as a traditional boys' Prep School and quickly built up a reputation for all round excellence.  

 Thorpe House School, 1939

In 1965 Kingscote School was founded as the Pre-Prep School to Thorpe House and when Thorpe House became a Charitable Educational Trust in 1985 Kingscote  continued as a separate school with its own Head under the Averill family's proprietorship.  In 2006 Thorpe House extended its age range to take boys through to their GCSEs. Then, in September 2012 Kingscote joined the Thorpe House Charitable Educational Trust, renamed as Thorpe House Pre-Prep School, to create a single unified school educating boys between the ages of 3 and 16. 

Our purpose is clear – to provide the best possible education for boys up to the age at which they leave us and to prepare them for the next stage of their education, whatever that might be. Most of our boys stay with us to take their GCSEs at the age of 16 with two thirds of the GCSE grades being obtained typically being A*, A or B. This provides our boys with the opportunity to move onto a variety of different local schools to take their A Levels.

 School Ethos

 We aim to create a caring, learning environment in which:

  • Each boy is treated in such a way that he feels secure and an important member of the whole school body, thus allowing his learning to flourish and an independence of thought to be fostered within him.
  • Each boy is prepared for all aspects of life - to have dignity and integrity, to have self-respect and respect for others and to be confident, always giving of his best. 
  • Each boy is expected to aspire to the highest standards both in academic work, and in cultural and sporting activities, and is encouraged to achieve these.
  • Every member of staff shares the aims of the school and feels valued.

School Aims

We aim to educate boys between the age of 3 and 16 to the highest possible standard. When a boy leaves the school we want him to be at the relevant point to becoming:

  • literate and numerate
  • organised, hardworking, loyal and a good team member
  • one who has aspirations and who is not content with low standards
  • a life-long and curious learner
  • one who is courteous in his dealings with others and who cares about others
  • a person whose interests embrace learning, culture and sport
  • spiritually fulfilled and happy with the person he has become.

We consider education to be a partnership between school, pupil and parents and so we aim to communicate on a regular basis with parents and for staff to be available to speak with parents whenever the need arises.  

We aim to create a place where everyone, whether they are a member of staff or a pupil, feels valued and secure.

Registered Office: Thorpe House School
Oval Way | Gerrards Cross | Bucks | SL9 8QA
Email: office@thorpehouse.co.uk
Telephone: 01753 882474
Company No: 01946972
Charity No: 292683
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