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Thorpe House runs a special programme for stimulating boys who are gifted or talented in any way.

There are many ways in which a boy may be gifted or talented. He may be academically talented either in all areas of the curriculum or just in some. He may be a talented musician or sportsman, a gifted actor or a talented linguist.

We keep a register of all boys who we have found to be talented or gifted in one way or another and then put in place a programme to develop those talents to the greatest extent.

If a boy excels in the sporting arena there is a structure in place to develop his skills further by putting him forward for county trials and hence eventually to national squads.

If a boy excels in music he is encouraged to take music examinations as quickly as he is able so that he is playing challenging music. The county orchestras and choirs and IAPS orchestra exist to give boys the opportunity to play or sing with similarly talented pupils from different schools.

There are similar ways for talented pupils to develop their talents in other extra curricular activities.

In terms of the boys who excel academically we have a range of activities that the teachers give them to undertake in the classroom in order to stretch them. Some extension activities are designed  to take the boys further in the study of the topic at hand and others are designed to widen the scope of the topic. Gifted boys are also encouraged to take part in competitions at both a local and national level.

In conjunction with St Mary's School and Robertswood School we also run a programme of Gifted and Talented Workshops in which a small group of boys in Years 4 and 5 get the opportunity to get together with pupils from other schools and complete some special project work. Different pupils get the opportunity to take part in these workshops depending on their strong subject areas.

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