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Summer Term 2013

Year 7

Language: The Perfect tense (regular and irregular forms), adverbs, conjunctions, cases (genitive, ablative, dative), translation technique

Myth: Jason and the Argonauts

Background history topic: The Roman army

Year 8

Language: Imperatives, comparison of adjectives, demonstrative adjectives

Background history topic: Pompeii and Vesuvius

Myth: Odysseus

Literature: Pliny’s letter about Vesuvius erupting

Year 9

Language: GCSE grammar - Past participles, the Passive mood (Present, Imperfect, Perfect and Pluperfect forms), the Ablative Absolute, the Gerund and Gerundives. Foundation level GCSE comprehension and translation practice.

Background history topics: Roman religion, the underworld and Elysium, festivals and the gods, Latin inscriptions on Roman tombstones.

Literature: Various literary extracts to complement the history topics

Year 10

Language: Recap of all grammar and vocabulary so far studied for higher level GCSE, compilation of grammar booklets to aid revision for summer examinations.

Literature: The Aeneid by Virgil (Parts 4-6 of book 12)

Year 11

Language: Higher level comprehension and translation practice from past GCSE language papers

Literature: Higher level GCSE literature paper practice

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